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Finding My Truth in Pretty: Summer's Best Beauty Accessory

Summer is here. We're not going to be foolish enough to say that summer is "around the corner" because last week's 95-degree day would have been insulted. So you know what women do when we're on the cusp of summer flyness--we make sure that our summer dresses are killing it, we get those crusty heels together (because it's a sin to have your feet out if they look like you've been walking on hot coals all winter), and we find some summer-ready hairstyle to keep us cool and cute all at the same time.

But what if in our day-to-day routines of getting pretty and making sure that we look our best, we neglect our inward selves? What if while we're beating our faces, we're not acknowledging the fact that we might be broken inside? What if while we're taking the time to fill in our brows and line our eyes, we're not taking the time to fulfill our individual purposes and come into alignment with God's plan for us? What if we need to be more than just pretty and focus on some critical areas in our lives so that we can be whole?

I'd say, we need something to help us beautify ourselves from the inside out. In her debut book Finding My Truth in Pretty, Dr. Danielle Penson, CEO of Pretty and Saved, LLC challenges women to cultivate not only what they see in the mirror, but how they navigate the world in the following areas:

Purpose: Who did God call you to become? What are you supposed to be doing?

Reflect: What actions or situations do you need to re-evaluate so that you may gain a better perspective?

Evolve: What changes are necessary for you to make to grow and mature?

Time: How are you managing your time? Are you accomplishing the goals that you established in the timeframe that you indicated?

Truth: What godly principles do you need to adapt to live a biblically sound lifestyle?

You: Who are you? What do you say about yourself? What positive affirmations do you need to re-establish so that you are the best version of you?

Don't make the mistake of cultivating your outward appearance without taking the time to focus on your inner woman. Finding My Truth in Pretty will be officially released on June 30, 2018. Pre-Orders are available at

Dr. Danielle Penson is a native of Detroit, Michigan, and a progressive byproduct of the Detroit Public School System. She has founded four ministries: L.O.V.E. (Ladies of Virtue and Excellence), which focuses on the spiritual formation of women; Good Grief,

a therapeutic group for grieving individuals; F.L.Y. (Forever Love Yourself), GIRLS, a female mentoring program, and S.M.S. (Single, Married and Searching) which allows the entire body of Christ to fellowship through group sessions and community activities. She is also the founder, owner, and designer of P.S. (Pretty and Saved, LLC), Women's Apparel and Christian Movement.

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