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Self-Publishing while Saving Pennies

When I self-published my first book, I knew that my writing, as well as the skills I learned as a publisher, would be beneficial to countless people. I still look back on The Power of the Panties and wonder not only how I was able to write a manuscript of over 50,000 words while taking care of a brand new baby and teaching full time, but how I was able to spend countless hours researching how to publish my book. I was googling everything from cover design to correct pagination. After much research, many mistakes, many "aha" moments, and many desires to throw my laptop into heavy traffic, I can truly say that I'm confident in my knowledge of publishing.

Actually, I'm very confident. So confident, that before I even started House Capacity Publishing, I had countless first-time authors asking me to help them publish their books. It was a great feeling! I felt all gooey and warm on the inside listening to my peers thank me for helping them achieve something that they would have otherwise not been able to do. Watching people live out their dreams of becoming authors ignited something within me. I wanted to relive that amazing feeling over and over again, helping as many authors as I possibly could.

House Capacity Publishing is dedicated to expanding visions and maximizing author possibilties...and we realize that all that expanding and maximizing needs to be done in a way that allows us to service different types of authors! One of the main reasons why I was so determined to self-publish is because 1) I had no idea how long it would take to get a book deal from a big house publisher and 2) I didn't have much money to pay someone else to publish my book for me. After pondering another way to support authors in the publishing process, especially those who fall under reason #2, we have decided to roll out our first online course ("insert trumpet fanfare here") "Self-Publishing while Saving Pennies".

This course is ideal for the author who is interested in publishing his or her book, but may not be in a position to pay a company (like House Capacity Publishing) to take on the publishing process. This course is also ideal for the person who is an avid Do-It-Yourself-er and would like a head start on the self-publishing process. Self-Publishing while Saving Pennies will give you step-by step lessons on how to create a professional quality book for publishing while saving money at the same time! The cart for this course opens Friday, November 17th so make sure that you don't miss the early-bird price! I am confident that these courses will aid you in your journey to becoming a self-published author!

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