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Author Spotlight: Monica D. Hardy

Dr. Monica Hardy, fondly known as “Doc 100” is a native of Jacksonville, Florida.

She is a loving mother (Wonder Woman) to her two sons—Timothy Harris Jr. (Captain America) and Jairus Johnson (Batman). She is a Multi-faceted professional with expertise in Health Information Management, Human Resource Development, and Adult & Christian Education.

Hardy has earned several Degrees: A Bachelor of Science, dual Master of Arts Degrees, a Doctor of Education Degree and a Doctor of Ministry Degree. She is a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) and a Certified Biblical Counselor.

She is the Pastor of Love, Peace & Joy Ministry

Founder & Provost of the Kingdom Scholastic Center of Excellence and Founder & CEO of Dr. Monica Hardy Ministries.

Dr. Monica is also the Founder & CEO of Resumes & Beyond, Inc., where she has

faithfully served Jacksonville, FL and surrounding states since 2005.

She is an educator, empowerment speaker, book doctor, editor, trainer, Excellence Specialist, document developer, and professional consultant in business, academics and ministry.

Dr. Monica is the author of The Front Line Warrior, co-author of Yes, You Can and Those Sisters Can Preach, and most recently, Embracing God: My Season of Single.

She is a member of various professional associations and is a member of the Jacksonville alumnae chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., where she serves as the chaplain. She is known as a local, statewide and international teacher, speaker and preacher.

Dr. Monica is a vocalist, multi-dimensional thinker, and an anointed 5-Fold Kingdom Ambassador born to “teach you how”. She hates ignorance and has an authentic, articulate ministry style where she gives strategies and systematic methods so that people can get an understanding of the word, know how to think holistically, live as Kingdom citizens. and reach their greatest potential. Dr. Hardy ministers via an E-factor where she Educates, Equips, Empowers and Evangelizes with Excellence.


Embracing God: My Season of Single will be available for purchase on October 16, 2017. but is currently available for pre-sale at

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