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Beyond the Scenes of Inside the Mind of a Conqueror

What do you get when you pair the details of an empowering story, the creativity of our design team, and a couple of prop guns? Sheer awesomeness. House Capacity had the privilege of sitting in on the covershoot of Inside the Mind of a Conqueror by Wayne Billy, Jr, and we're excited about the finished product. Billy, adorned head to toe with a helmet, a bullet proof vest, and a gun holster, wanted to capture the overarching theme of his book that centers around going to war conquering the forces that tried to take over him spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Inside the Mind of a Conqueror provides the reader with first hand experience of Billy's personal battles against incarceration, suicide, homelessness, and family betrayal. Billy draws on his Christian faith and the spiritual weapons found in the Word of God in order to demolish the forces that threatened his sanity and his very life.

Inside the Mind of a Conqueror will be officially released September 2017.

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