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Now you can use our Custom Package Calculator to create a publishing package that is tailored to your creative needs and budget. To start, enter the current word count of your manuscript and select your package items!

Simple Vs. Complex Book Cover

We consider a "simple cover" to contain one main image and lettering. A complex cover usually contains multiple images or stock elements an requires manipulation of lettering and images.   

hardcover-ebook-mockup-a9865 (6).png
Simple Design
hardcover-ebook-mockup-a9865 (13).png
Complex Design

Simple Vs. Advanced Interior Formatting

"Simple Formatting" is comprised of mainly text and chapter headings with some additional elements. "Advanced Interior" includes multiple stock images and features, full-color, and interactive pages.

Simple Formatting
Advanced Formatting

VIP Day and Ghostwriting

These services require a consultation for pricing. Click here to schedule. 

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