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Writing Coaching

​Our monthly author coaching program has been instrumental in helping authors move forward with writing their books.  This program is designed to identify various ways to strengthen authors' content, to provide small-group support and accountability, and to give individual feedback and evaluation, which will provide authors with the tools necessary to perfect their work. Each month of author coaching is comprised of the following perks and benefits:


  •  Weekly Coaching Call (30 mins) - This is a weekly check-in with your coach and other authors assigned to your coaching group. Here, your coach will ask about your progress, writing goals for the week, challenges, and will address any questions or concerns about your book project.

  • House Capacity Academy Access - Our online learning platform is comprised of tutorials and writing techniques that will help enhance your writing.

  • Monthly writing evaluation and feedback - Full analysis of your manuscript in regards to plot, writing technique, style, character development, thematic element, organization, and flow. 

  • $100 Publishing Voucher - Apply this voucher to any publishing package that you purchase through House Capacity Publishing.

  • Physical Small-Group (bi-weekly workshop) - Meet-ups in your area to receive small-group writing instruction, peer feedback, and writing assignments that will help in your book progression. (If meet-ups are not available in your area, you will receive access to a live webinar.)

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