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Welcome to Crank It Out: The Ultimate Writing Course for aspiring authors. Crank It Out is now accessible to authors near and far because our courses are 100% virtual! Each session will take place by way of live webinar, which is highly beneficial to our authors because you'll also have access to the recorded sessions for review. Once you register, be on the look-out for follow-up emails which will provide instructions on how to access the classes. Here's to maximizing your capacity! 

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Early-Bird Registration  $497


Course Outline

July 17th : Pre-Work


  • Letting Go of Fear

  • Core Message

  • Target Readers/Audience

July 24th: Marketing Plan


  • "What do I want this book to do?"

  •  Your “Book Business”

July 31st: Brainstorming and Outlining

  • Pooling your audience

  • A Little "Elbow Grease"

August 7th: Study to Show Thyself

  • Mentor Text

  • Skill Application

  • Using Your Voice

August 14th: Crank It OUT!

  • Drafting 

  • 3E2I Method 

  • The First Chapter

August 21st: The Finish Line

  • Nailing Your Introduction and Conclusion

  • Skinning a Cat

  • 30-day Writing Challenge

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