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March 27th

House Capacity Publishing is proud to announce the release of Beauty from Affliction by Rebecca Denning available March 27, 2020 at major online retailers world-wide. Beauty from Affliction is available as paperback and ebook, making accessibility flexible.

It can be difficult to navigate the world when we carry the shame and heaviness of our past mistakes and failures. Sometimes, as a result, we assign false identities to ourselves: broken, hopeless, worthless, insecure. Our false perception of who we are can handicap our purpose, causing us to be boxed in and unable to operate as reflections of God on earth. In Beauty from Affliction, Rebecca Denning reminds readers that we are not the totality of our mistakes. She challenges readers to take off masks that project falsehood and to expose our true selves, giving God permission to use us in our authenticity. Rebecca states that “we are so valuable to the one who created us that no matter what we endure, it cannot destroy us because we were created with a purpose.” She is a gentle and reassuring reminder that even our mistakes can be used for our greater good, and that if we trust God and allow him to shape us, we will see the beauty that comes from our affliction. 

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Rebecca Denning is a native of Grand Rapids, MI and serves at Relevant Church. Rebecca has a Bachelor's Degree in Business/Health Administration and uses her leadership as a platform to live out her passion for mentoring others to realize their fullest potential in life.

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